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XXIII Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management

ReNewing Public Management for Stewardship, Innovation and Impact

16 - 18 April 2019, Wellington

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The School of Government



The School of Government is based in Victoria Business School at Victoria University of Wellington. The School was founded in 2002 and is the only school of government in New Zealand.  It is the premier location in New Zealand to study public management, public policy and e-Government on all levels.  The school works with agencies of government in New Zealand to provide, broker and facilitate access to the best resources for professional, management and organisational development available in the tertiary sector in New Zealand. The school offers education and training in public policy and public management on all levels.

The School offers NZ's oldest professional (post-experience) public policy degree – the Master of Public Policy, which was first offered in 1975.  It also runs the Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Master of e-Government (MEGov).  The MPP and MPM degrees are both accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA). The School offers doctoral training leading to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and, for undergraduates, offers a Major in Public Policy. 

The School's research expertise reflects its distinctive mission to contribute to better outcomes through better policy and better implementation. The School's research programmes contribute to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the broad fields of governance, public policy and public management. Individual research expertise in the School spans a wide set of interests. Among the more prominent current and emerging themes are:

Public management reform (in New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia)

Foundations and instruments of government and governance, including engagement and the policy process and e-government

Sustainability, resilience and wellbeing

Improving effectiveness in selected policy domains (such as climate change, child poverty, and fiscal management) and across domains

Ethics, trust and integrity in public management and policy

Political and management interactions and leadership; local, national, regional

Knowledge transfer and policy professionals

Methodologies to support informed decision making and policy innovation.

The School has significant collaborations elsewhere within the University - including law, political science and international relations, social policy, economics and environmental studies, and with a number of overseas institutions.

The School of Government at Victoria University is the only New Zealand member of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).  ANZSOG is a consortium of governments and universities which offers a Master of Public Administration (Executive) degree (MPA(Exec)) and an Executive Fellowship Programme (EFP).  Entry into these programmes is by selection from public sector agencies.

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