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15 - 17 July 2018, Christ's College, Christchurch

Council Tours 

When: Sunday 15 July
Where: The Christchurch City Council hosted tours depart from the foyer of the Christ's College Auditorium, 33 Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch
Time: 9.30am - 11.30am
Tickets: Delegates and partners may purchase tickets when registering at $35 per person.

Rolleston, Norman Kirk's "Town of the Future" - New tour

Rolleston, Norman Kirk's "Town of the Future" is today one of the fastest growing places in New Zealand. Resting on the plains of the Selwyn District and only a short trip to central Christchurch, Rolleston's growing diversity has captured the energy and hope of Greater Christchurch and Regional New Zealand.

With a population of 17,000 and with 1 in 3 people being under 20 years old there is a dynamic to the town, with 2% unemployment, not found in other centres.

On this tour you will be hosted by the youngest members of the Selwyn District Council, Mayor Sam Broughton and Councillor Craig Watson, as we enjoy some local produce while viewing the town and hearing the stories of infrastructure enabled growth, job creation, positive town planning, our rural economy, developer driven outcomes, government investment, inland ports, and some of the things we would have rather avoided.

This tour is limited to 40. Places will be allocated on a first in basis.


Connected communities at the heart of our resilient city 

The emergence of Lyttelton as a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation literally is a light at an end of the tunnel in post-earthquake Christchurch.

Join us as we take in the wonderful sights and sounds of harbour town life.

Embracing its past as the birthplace of Canterbury settlement but focusing firmly on the future as a cornerstone of the region's regeneration, this remarkable portside community has pulled together to become a destination town for hundreds of thousands of people every year. 

From the annual Festival of Lights to a marvellous Farmers' Market each weekend and the TimeBank to the Timeball, Lyttelton personifies the power of community connections, the soul of sustainability and a remarkable ability to think outside the newly built square.

As a village reborn, Lyttelton has set the standard in post-earthquake recovery. Flowing from the new Albion Square, multiple eateries – including one the nation's most acclaimed restaurants, Roots – have fed the town's revival, complemented by swathes of artistry.

Splashes of innovation dot the quay and sharp hills.

Championed by community advocate Project Lyttelton, a raft of people-focused projects have ensured the heart of the village continues to beat strongly. The Information Centre, Norman Kirk Memorial Pool, Recreation Centre and combined Lyttelton Library and Service Centre are among the multitude of repaired, renovated and reopened facilities.

Join us on our journey as we hear about the TimeBank, where skills are bartered and shared across the community; watch the resurrection of the Timeball Station, a timely reminder of our seafaring heritage; and feast on a wonderful seaside bounty of art and design.

Step into the past but bear witness to the future as Lyttelton redefines resilience, resolution and revival for the greater community good. 

This tour is limited to 40. Places will be allocated on a first in basis.

City smarts in an emerging creative city - FULLY BOOKED

Emerging innovation and collaborative processes have culminated in a creative, multi-faceted smart city environment.

By embracing technology, the city has evolved into a forward-thinking community.

Discover the remarkable Smart Cities programme redefining the future of Christchurch.

See the future in action as the tour takes you to numerous technological "hotspots".

Our Smart Cities team works with the community and the public and private sector to introduce new technology, such as sensors, a city app, predictive analytics, augmented reality capabilities, and more engaging visualisations of data.

Our tour will visit a range of "smart" and creative projects around the city, including:

  • A remarkable solution – called Sensibel – captures the emotional response of cyclists as they explore the city. With the device attached to bike handlebars, cyclists can record a positive or negative response to their journey. By utilising the data, we can assess our bike-friendly city environment or focus on any traffic trouble spots. 
  • Check out our rubbish sensors. Attached to the inside of public rubbish bins, the Pip Levelsense devices alert contractors when bins need to be emptied. The battery-powered sensors use sound waves to identify the rubbish level. The sensors also recognise tilt, vibration, and heat changes that alert contractors if a lid has been opened, a bin has been vandalised, or there has been a fire.
  • One of our most exciting developments – the Earthquake Response Visualiser – is an interpolated heat map that utilises peak ground force acceleration data. It shows which buildings are most likely to have been damaged during an earthquake, prompting a priority response.   
  • Mobility in the city is vital, especially when it comes to building an inclusive environment. Our mobility parking app enables users to send alerts when a car is parked in a mobility parking space without the mobility card displayed.

We will visit the wonderful world of creativity that has revitalised our city, including:

  • Gap Filler – A creative urban regeneration initiative that facilitates a wide range of temporary projects, events, installations and amenities.
  • Art on the Streets – A range of stunning urban art across the city which has been incorporated into the Christchurch Smart Cities app.
  • Greening the Rubble – A project that creates public green spaces and places for communities to gather.

The tour will also take in key anchor projects and community facilities, including:

  • The Justice, Emergency, Innovation and Arts precincts.
  • The Cathedral Square regeneration project, featuring the new Knowledge Centre.
This tour is limited to 40. Places will be allocated on a first in basis. 


Partner Tours

Partner tours will depart from Christ's College. Please assemble in the Auditorium Foyer 10 minutes prior to departure.

City Discovery

Date: Monday 16 July 
Time: 9.45am - 2.00pm
Ticket: $35.00 per person (lunch not included)
Inclusions: Transport

Discover Christchurch's restored historic buildings alongside new and innovative architecture, laneways and pockets of retail and hospitality, green spaces and street art on an insightful tour of the city. 

Once you have toured the city your driver will take you out to Christchurch's boutique shopping destination, The Tannery. Enjoy two hours of free time to have lunch at one of The Tannery's three dining options, explore the elegant shop-lined Atrium, have a relaxing massage at the day spa or be entertained at the bespoke cinema. 

Minimum and maximum numbers apply

Waipara Wine Adventure

Date: Monday 16 July
Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm 
Ticket: $132.00 per person
Inclusions: Transport, wine tasting and a two-course lunch with tea and coffee, other beverages at lunch to be paid direct.

Explore the beautiful Canterbury region of Waipara. Just an hour from the city you will find yourself surrounded by rolling hills covered in vines, braided rivers and the magnificent back drop of the Southern Alps. 

Head deep into Canterbury wine country to sample some of the region's most renowned wines followed by a delectable two-course lunch at Waipara Hills winery. 

Minimum and maximum numbers apply


Antarctic Experience

Date: Tuesday 17 July
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm 
Ticket: $73.00 per person
Inclusions: transport, entry to the International Antarctic Centre attraction and morning tea. 

Spend the morning at Christchurch's iconic International Antarctic Centre with fascinating experiences of life on the frozen continent. Included in your Antarctic expedition you can help feed breakfast to Little Blue Penguins, take a ride in a Hagglund, meet the huskies, watch a 4-D movie and explore the snow room. 

Finish your Antarctic experience with morning tea and a hot drink to warm yourself back into reality. 

Minimum and maximum numbers apply





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