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What We Do & Why

With over 20 years experience, we know how to create an amazing reunion, and we also know just how wrong things can go! Rather than give you a big list of all we can do for you, we thought we'd explain why we do it!

We can...    

Create a reunion website including an online registration portal   Not all websites are created equal and our event websites are unique because not only do they have all the information your attendees will need, they also come with an online registration portal so people can register and pay online, without fuss.

Set up a secure online payment system for credit card payments and direct debits   The days of 'the cheque is in the post' are coming to an end. These days people want to register, pay and finalise everything in one easy step, with the added bonus of money instantly appearing in your reunion bank account and a clear record of who has paid, by what means and when. Trust us, we've seen this process go wrong and can guarantee you don't want to be chasing guests for money in order to pay the bills post-reunion!

Ensure instant email acknowledgement of online registrations the minute they come in   Who wants to wait days for a reply to an enquiry when we can set up an instant response to every single online registration you receive? As a reunion organiser do you really want to be wading through emails trying to make sure everyone has been responded to? Let's not even get into the hassle of tracking the responses; just avoid the trouble and let us take care of it.

Receipting within 48 hours and invoice/receipt emailed or posted to participants   We don't know about you, but our money is hard earned and precious; we don't want it floating around without being accounted for. That's why we offer email receipting within 48 hours and send invoices/receipts by post if required.

Design a registration form for those guests who aren't web-savvy to either download from the website or be mailed to write on in hardcopy   Designing a registration form should be a simple task but you wouldn't believe the number of events that forget the most basic things when putting together their form! From forgetting to include a space for attendees to write their name to a tiny typo that meant people had booked accommodation on the wrong dates; we've seen it all and can make sure it doesn't happen to you!

Offer 24/7 access for attendees to update their registration information online    We all forget things every now and then; Shirley forgot to buy a ticket to the dinner and now she's found out that all her friends are going so wants to go to. Easy. She can just pop online, enter her registration code (provided on her registration confirmation letter) and change her registration to her hearts content at any time. So no waiting for business hours and no long-winded email communication. Perfect.

Telephone support for participant registration queries    While it's lovely to catch up with old friends, we doubt many reunion organisers thought they'd spend quite so much time talking people through the reunion social programme and how to register. Even a saint would get frustrated! Let us take the irritation out of this process, plus provide your guests with a means of contact during daytime hours so they are always greeted with a friendly voice and helpful attitude.

Automatic transfer of registration income to the event nominated bank account within 48 hours of receipting    Let's face it; the more money your reunion receives, the more you have to pay the bills. We don't dither around with your income; it goes straight in your nominated bank account within 48 hours of us receiving it. 

Allow the Organising Committee 24 hour access to online reports and event statistics    We know organising a reunion can be stressful and the biggest stress is worrying about not getting enough people in attendance for the event to breakeven. This tool alleviates the worry by allowing you 24 hour access to online reports that clearly show how many people have registered and how many people are attending each function.

Daily backup of data to ensure full data security   Hopefully this doesn't need too much explanation; the last thing you want is for your computer to crash and along with it all of your reunion data. This is a nightmare best avoided!

Individual participant packs (complete with name badge, lanyard, any tickets, etc.) provided for your registration desk staff to distribute at the event   We like order, we like everything in alphabetical order; so much so that we can provide you with alphabetised individual packs for every one of your guests. In these packs we can put anything you want; name badges and lanyards, tickets you've had printed, notes for certain groups, invitations, you name it. So when someone comes to your registration desk and wants their name badge you can give them everything they need in one stress-free step (and find their name with ease)!

Provide a full, accurate, up-to-date list of attendees and their contact details ready for printing or distribution   The great thing about a reunion is that it provides a base for everyone to reconnect and keep in touch. What better way to do this than by providing all guests with a full list of attendees and their contact details either in hardcopy or via email post-reunion? The detail of this list is completely up to you and anyone wishing to remain anonymous can elect not to be published.

Assistance with marketing and promotion, including bulk email tools, graphic design assistance and social media advice
  You may be lucky and have a committee member who has access to some of these tools; however there's no reason why we can't help in creating a marketing strategy and material that can capture your classmates attention.

A 'Reunion Toolkit' with a variety of helpful documents including a full Microsoft Excel budget template, an event checklist outlining all tasks that need to be considered and a marketing guide with a template strategy and helpful links.   After over 20 years in the business, we know a thing or two about putting together a brilliant event; from how much to budget for food and beverage to how to get the word out. We have thousands of little snippets of knowledge that can prove invaluable to those with less experience. Accurate budgeting is always the biggest challenge and we can help by providing a template for you to follow to ensure you are never falling behind and always have control over what is being spent.

CI provides an interactive, online registration service via our EVENTS registration system. Using a secure website, organisers can access online reports that show a breakdown of total registration details and delegate demographics in real-time 24/7.   Of course, the most basic step in ensuring your event's success is always about creating a simple, effective registration process; we aim to make it as easy as possible for your delegates to attend your reunion and have solid systems developed through years of experience to make this process seamless. After all, there's no point in spending money on marketing if you don't have the systems to cope with an influx of registrations!
Attendee registrations are acknowledged immediately and details confirmed while the client is online. A full booking and secure credit card payment facility is provided and the registration team sends a confirmation letter that confirms all of the arrangements. Hardcopy registration forms can also be created and used to ensure that even the less technologically-savvy guests don't miss out. 

We are always happy to discuss your individual needs and how we can best mould our services to cater to your needs; whether it be budget, time or resource constraints or something else altogether please contact us to discuss this further.